Updating blog post links

image of broken linkI was just checking out some of my previous blog posts, and I noticed that some of the links to resources have changed. Notably, a lot of the links for Charity Village and Volunteer Canada articles and resources no longer work. I believe both sites have been redesigned to some degree in the last couple of years, so the broken links make sense. But it really bothers me. So I am going to undertake updating the links on each post on my blog. I have already updated the last 20 posts. I should be done by the end of November. In the meantime, my apologies for any inconvenience.

Image credit: From CountyWebsite.com and their article “You’re only as Strong as your Broken or Missing Links” by Reba Winstead, July 2013

Update: November 25: I have finished this little project. I was surprised at how much content doesn’t exist anymore, especially around net neutrality. But I managed to correct many broken links without losing a lot. It was actually an interesting journey — going back to blog posts from 2008. A nice trip through time, even if only a short one.


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