GroundWire October Edition

GroundWire is a project by the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA), providing grassroots coverage of local issues with progressive perspectives on national and international news.

This month’s GroundWire:

Headlines: Court drops most of the charges against Shawn Brant, Aaron Lakoff (CKUT); Adam Gould from Membertou Radio and David Parker from CKDU on the recently held Mikmaw Gathering on Moose; Day of Action to Stop the Attack on Abortion, David Koch and Gretchen King (CKUT);

Features: Naomi Klein focusing on the economic crisis in the US and its implications for Canadian voters, by Sharmeen Khan (CHRY); Derailing the Olympic Spirit Train by Aaron Chubb (CJSR); Unclear future for Uranium mining in Nova Scotia by David Parker (CKDU); Courtney Kirkby on the Ontario Mining Act consultation process (CKUT); Review of historical strike in Sudbury in 78-79 and exploring the significance of the strike for todays labour policies in the extractive industries in Canada, by Amy Miller; Queen’s Pow Wow, by Christopher Currie (CFRC).

Recording Location: CKUT 90.3fm (Montreal, Qc)

RUNS: 30m41s

(Links updated November 2013)


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