Fringeless Thursday

Well, I took the night off from Fringing last night. Certainly not what I had planned, and I’m going to miss out on a couple of great shows because of it. But I would not have enjoyed myself, I think. I was in a pretty foul mood, truth be told. Not for any reason in particular, it was just one of those days, I guess.

I did end up going to a couple of training session at CHUO, though. It’s great to finally have time to do a little broadcasting. Quite a few people were there, so that’s great! Anyone else? You can do it to, you know.

Anyway, pretty stoked to be a part of the News Collective (at least for now, we’ll see how time plays out for the long run). And I’m pretty sure I want to a magazine-style show. It looks as though Kevin Matthews will co-host the show with me, so I should check in with him on if he is cool with that. It will mean some work, as we would have interviews and some pre-recorded segments from time-to-time. And we’ll have to look at what kind of focus the show would have. And we’ll need a good name.

I’m also looking to get to New Brunswick this month and next. If anyone is heading in that direction, let me know. I’m not looking forward to 12 hours on the bus, but having a bus buddy would make things a little nicer.

Finally, I changed up my Fringe schedule a bit (posted here on my blog on its own page). So if you are thinking to check out any of those shows and are looking for someone to go with, just let me know.


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