Volunteer Standards pamphlet

Hi there. Just today (at least through their Facebook page), Volunteer Canada released it’s latest one-page pamphlet on the 14 Organizational Standards for Volunteer Involvement. These standards include volunteer recruitment, screening, recognition, and more. It is not something you have to sign up for or report on. But Volunteer Canada is a national organization dedicated to all aspects of volunteerism. So it might be good to at least look at what they have published. Here’s the PDF link to the pamphlet, both English and French. (Link updated November 2013)


Volunteer Canada releases “The Screening Handbook”

This is a super comprehensive guide published by Volunteer Canada in March of 2012 (and I believe this is a major update of the already-existing handbook, last published in 1996). Titled The Screening Handbook (PDF) (found on their Volunteer Screening page), it is full of “tools and resources to better match people and organizations, improve the safety and quality of programs in communities, and reduce risks and liability.” They prepared it for Public Safety Canada, the Community Safety and Partnerships Branch. It includes information on social policy and regulatory framework, privacy, police checks, and even deals with volunteers as employees. There are tools for recruitment, interviewing, training, and supervision. You’ll also find a lot of checklists, and even a PowerPoint presentation on the guide itself, in case you want to present it to your staff or board. (Links updated November 2013)

Top 10 Volunteer Articles at CharityVillage

I’m a little late with this, as National Volunteer Week was back in April. But this article is still great! Thanks once again, CharityVillage.

Top 10 Volunteer Articles at CharityVillage
Village Vibes
Issue 16.15 – April 12, 2011

Are you thinking about volunteering to get more experience for your resume? Considering a position on a board of directors? Or maybe you manage volunteers as part of your daily duties? Regardless of where you fit in the volunteer spectrum, we’ve got the resources you need. There’s something for everyone in our list of top ten volunteer-related articles.

1. The Big Boom: Is Your Organization Making Good Use of Boomer Volunteers? Find out how your organization can attract and engage baby boomer volunteers. (November 2013: This article seems to have disappeared, but there are some resources posted at Wild Apricot’s page Are You Ready for the Volunteer Boom?)

2. Volunteering for Career Development: 7 Steps to Professional Growth: Learn how to find volunteer positions that will help you gain relevant experience for your nonprofit career.

3. The Volunteer as Bully = The Toxic Volunteer: Not all volunteers are easy to get along with. Follow these tips to work with and manage difficult volunteers.

4. Evolving the Volunteer Program at the Saskatchewan 4-H Council: How one organization overhauled their volunteer program and dramatically increased their retention rates.

5. Employee Volunteerism: A Profit for the Nonprofits?: An exploration of corporate volunteer programs and why they are on the rise across North America.

6. All A-Board!: Volunteering on a board of directors can do wonders for your career, but it’s also important to carefully consider the responsibility before signing on. 

7. Eight Tips for Recruiting and Retaining Volunteers in Tough Times: Is your organization as efficient as possible at recruiting and retaining volunteers? 

8. Being the Best (Board) Volunteer You Can Be: Doreen Pendgracs, author of Before You Say Yes…, offers advice on how to be an effective board member. 

9. Screening Volunteers for Attitude: Ask these questions to determine whether a potential volunteer has the type of attitude your organization is looking for.

10. Ethics Q&A: Mixing Religion and Overseas Volunteering: A reader about to volunteer overseas wonders why she isn’t allowed to bring holy books to distribute to local citizens.

(Links updated November 2013)

Resources for those who work with volunteers (young and old)

Once again, these are thanks to CharityVillage.

VAULT: Administered by Volunteer Alberta, registration on this site provides free access to information for volunteer managers. Users can participate in the discussion forum, share documents with other members, and post and search professional development events and opportunities across the province. (November 2013: I’m not sure if this program is still active, put clicking on the link will take you to a resources page.)

UNV Online Volunteering Newsletter: a free monthly newsletter published by the United Nation’s online volunteering department. Newsletters discuss current research relating to online volunteerism, case studies of existing programs, and other news updates.

CharityVillage article “Do u wnt 2 ngage Gen Y?”: According to new research by the HR Council, it is vitally important that nonprofits in Canada learn how to successfully recruit and engage Gen Y employees (Note: In Canada, Gen Y tends to refer to those individuals born between 1976 and 1999). If they don’t, they may be facing an incredible shortage of talent in the not-too-distant future. This month, we talk to a few sector leaders to find out their thoughts about attracting Gen Ys to the nonprofit sector, and how to keep them there. (Link updated November 2013)

Resources for Human Resources – great links for nonprofit sector

The HR Council for the Voluntary and Non-profit Sector is an excellent resource for organizations and individuals when it comes to human resources. In addition to their projects, they also have developed an HR Toolkit and previously managed an HR Forum. A couple of weeks ago, they launched their own bookmarks page on Delicious. Check out their news posting below for all the details.

HR Council shares its favourite websites on delicious.com

October 16, 2008

Check out the HR Council’s new Bookmarks Page on delicious.com for the most up-to-date list of websites we feel are worth a visit.

Delicious is a free social bookmarking service that allows users to save and share webpages from a centralized source. The HR Council’s Delicious Bookmarks Page includes links to websites and online resources that we feel are relevant to the realities of working in a Canadian non-profit organization. Think of it as our list of recommended reading on a range of topics from human resources management, capacity-building, training, workforce development and more.

As we come across more interesting websites and online resources, we’ll post links to them on our Bookmarks Page. While you don’t need a Delicious account to view our Bookmarks, you can sign up and subscribe to our Delicious List to be automatically notified when we’ve added a bookmark to a site on a particular topic or theme that is relevant to you.

View HR Council Bookmarks on delicious.com
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(Links updated November 2013)