GroundWire Podcast for November 9-20 – Abdelkhadr Belaouni and Student Poverty

I’ve missed a couple of episodes of GroundWire. Check out their site for podcasts covering topics like: Tar Sands – Midwifery – Equity – accessibility and disability awareness – Drug addictions and children – McGill’s “Echoes of the Holocaust” – Ontario Disability Pension Plan, Autonomy of Quebec Universities – All-Woman Pharmacy’s Trans Challenge – Zellers/HBC strike – Nova Scotia Community College employees strike – CRTC’s Campus and Community Radio Policy Review – Golden Crown Hotel evictions in Vancouver

GroundWire is a twice-monthly dose of grassroots, independent journalism from the campus-community radio sector of Canada. It is a project of the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA). Visit the GroundWire website to listen.


In Montreal, migrant justice advocates are celebrating a significant victory this week in the case of Abdelkader Belaouni. Aaron Lakoff | CKUT

From Vancouver, perspectives on the disruption of the Victoria torch relay and where the resistance movement is headed. VanRad Collective

In Toronto, students have had enough of living below the poverty line. The Student Day of Action on November 5th saw crowds demanding lower tuition fees, as recession job losses target youth, part-time and racialized workers. Omme Salma Rahemtullah | CHRY


A recent Queen’s University report indicates medical students want more training to help them treat people with intellectual disabilities. Indeed, 93 per cent feel training in intellectual disabilities should be improved. VoicePrint/Accessible Media Inc.┬áspoke with Dr. Philip Burge, author of the report.

November 20, 2009 marks 20 years since the U.N Convention on the Rights of the Child. Ontario youth in and from foster care got together to talk about the Convention’s goals around education and if those goals are a reality in Ontario. Jacky Harrison | CHRY, with files from the Network Community Group and the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth.

A new report, A Flawed Compass, suggests the Correctional Service of Canada is trampling on the constitutional rights of prisoners. Authors Michael Jackson and Graham Stewart, as well as former inmates and activists, warn Canada is headed down the road to more rights abuses. Dee Le Comte | CKUT

This episode was anchored by Melissa Beckford and Ian Gormly, and produced by Alissa Tutay and Jacky Tuinstra Harrison. Music by Steel.

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GroundWire Labour Day edition available

This edition of GroundWire (September 1-14) is a Special Labour Day Edition, bringing you a series of features on workers’ rights in Canada. Visit the GroundWire site or download it through the NCRA’s Program Exchange.

GroundWire is a twice-monthly dose of grassroots, independent journalism from the campus-community radio sector of Canada. It is a project of the National Campus and Community Radio Association. This edition of GroundWire was supported by a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada and hosted by Gianna Lauren at CKDU in Halifax.


  • Environmentalists oppose Hanlan Creek development as it threatens Guelph’s old growth forest and protected species: Libby Drew (CFRC Kingston)
  • Camp Out discusses LBGTQ Activism in the Maritimes: David Parker (CKDU Halifax)

In Campus and Community Radio Station News:

  • Bill C-61 Update: As parliament resumes, consider writing your MP on the Digital Copyright fight: Charlotte Bourne (CJSF Burnaby)

Labour-Focused Features for Labour Day:

  • Labour History takes Comic Form: Megan Turcato (CJSF Burnaby)
  • CUPW supports union drive for Dynamax Couriers: Aaron Chubb and Alex Calderaro (CJSR Edmonton)
  • Drop Fees campaign has anti-poverty message for student workers: Candace Mooers (CHRY Toronto)
  • Conservatives’ expansion of Canada’s Temporary Worker Program means restrictions for refugees and fewer rights for racialized workers: Omme Rahemtullah (CHRY Toronto)
  • “Scrap the Live-in Caregiver Program” Voices of the Filipino Community in Canada: Produced by Candace Mooers and Ashkon Hobooti (CHRY Toronto)

(Links updated November 2013)