Canadian Folk, Blues, and Jazz radio shows

I maintain a list of Canadian Folk, Blues, Jazz, and other related shows aired primarily on campus and community radio stations. It is broken down by province (see the navigation in the upper left corner). Not all stations have shows listed, but they are probably still quite open to receive and play the music. I rely primarily on information provided by the stations and hosts themselves.

Wherever possible, the station’s website, music director’s contact information, showtimes, and show host names and emails are provided. With this latest update, I checked all of the emails, so I can verify that they at least worked for me. I also went through the links page and removed/changed information there and added new stations. Finally, I updated the design so that that information is contained in public Google spreadsheets as opposed to html tables.

Check it out:

If you see anything that needs amending, please do not hesitate to let me know.


New home for List of Canadian Folk-Blues-Jazz Radio Shows

I’ve been maintaining a list of these kinds of shows that are aired on campus and community radio stations for a while now. I recently re-designed the listings, which can now be found at

List of Folk and Jazz radio shows

For a while now, I’ve been maintaining a list of folk and jazz shows on campus and community radio stations in Canada. It is an ongoing work in progress. It’s not the prettiest page, but the folks out there seem to appreciate it *insert smiley here*. What it lacks for in design it makes up for in content:

(November 2013: new site link is