Recycling Electronics and Other Hard-to-recycle Items

Do What You Can is a great website to find out where in your area you can drop off all those items that don’t go in the green, blue, or black bins. Look by postal code, municipality, or item.

This website is designed to help you find places to drop-off household hazardous and special wastes and unwanted electronics that can’t be put in your Blue Box and should not go in the garbage. You can search for places by municipality, postal code or material.

To get started, select household hazardous and special waste, (such as leftover paint, non-rechargeable batteries and empty propane cylinders), or electronics, (such as televisions, computers and fax machines). And thanks for doing what you can to deal with waste responsibly.


GroundWire for January 19-31, 2010

GroundWire is a twice-monthly dose of grassroots, independent journalism from the campus-community radio sector of Canada. It is a project of the National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA). Visit the GroundWire website or download it through the NCRA’s Program Exchange.

This edition of GroundWire was produced by CJLY in Nelson, BC.


  • Canadian corporate involvement comes to light in last year’s coup in Honduras. GroundWire speaks with Journalist Dawn Paley. (David Parker | CKDU, Halifax)
  • The Gaza Freedom March strengthens solidarity. Helga Mankovitz, a member of the group Independent Jewish Voices Canada, reflects on her participation in the March and a future for Palestine.(Christopher Currie | CFRC, Kingston)
  • Workers band together in a story unfolding now at YVR Airport in Vancouver. Here are the voices of some of the HMS Host workers who are threatened by the proposed lockout. (Frieda Werden, with support from Bea Bernhausen | CJSF, Burnaby)


  • The Safe Hybrid: Robin East, President of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians, speaks about the dangers hybrid vehicles may pose to blind and partially-sighted Canadians. (VoicePrint/Accessible Media Inc‘s Michael Slack with thanks to Paul Daniel)
  • Parliament Prorogued: Canadian Democracy is on hold as Harper’s Conservative government orders another break for Parliament. GroundWire captures the voices of Canadians from coast to coast. Emma Godmere, Ottawa Bureau Chief of the Canadian University Press reflects on the strategy of a minority government. On the West Coast, we talk to Alex Atamenenko, Member of Parliament for BC Southern Interior. Also featured are Matthew Fava and Omme Salma Rahemtullah from York University in Toronto. (Catherine Fisher and Bessie Wapp | CJLY, Nelson. With files from Omme Salma Rahemtullah | CHRY)
  • Garbage Energy: Winnipeg has big plans to turn trash into power. How will it work? GroundWire lays out the plan with Jan Oleszkiewicz, University of Manitoba Faculty of Environmental Engineering, and Winnipeg’s manager of solid wastes, Darryl Drohomerski. (Tessa Vanderhart | UMFM Winnipeg)

Community Radio Report

  • The CRTC Campus and Community Radio Hearings are upon us. NCRA Executive Director Kevin Matthews tells us what is in store at the first policy review in ten years for the community radio sector.

This edition of GroundWire produced by CJLY in Nelson, BC. With thanks to Catherine Fisher, Jacky Harrison, Frieda Werden, David Parker. Music was provided by Faith Nolan and Mary Watkins, Zeelia, Kate Reid, and Lana Bensen.

GroundWire Labour Day edition available

This edition of GroundWire (September 1-14) is a Special Labour Day Edition, bringing you a series of features on workers’ rights in Canada. Visit the GroundWire site or download it through the NCRA’s Program Exchange.

GroundWire is a twice-monthly dose of grassroots, independent journalism from the campus-community radio sector of Canada. It is a project of the National Campus and Community Radio Association. This edition of GroundWire was supported by a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada and hosted by Gianna Lauren at CKDU in Halifax.


  • Environmentalists oppose Hanlan Creek development as it threatens Guelph’s old growth forest and protected species: Libby Drew (CFRC Kingston)
  • Camp Out discusses LBGTQ Activism in the Maritimes: David Parker (CKDU Halifax)

In Campus and Community Radio Station News:

  • Bill C-61 Update: As parliament resumes, consider writing your MP on the Digital Copyright fight: Charlotte Bourne (CJSF Burnaby)

Labour-Focused Features for Labour Day:

  • Labour History takes Comic Form: Megan Turcato (CJSF Burnaby)
  • CUPW supports union drive for Dynamax Couriers: Aaron Chubb and Alex Calderaro (CJSR Edmonton)
  • Drop Fees campaign has anti-poverty message for student workers: Candace Mooers (CHRY Toronto)
  • Conservatives’ expansion of Canada’s Temporary Worker Program means restrictions for refugees and fewer rights for racialized workers: Omme Rahemtullah (CHRY Toronto)
  • “Scrap the Live-in Caregiver Program” Voices of the Filipino Community in Canada: Produced by Candace Mooers and Ashkon Hobooti (CHRY Toronto)

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Ottawa and Green Bins Will Meet this Fall

I was wondering when this might happen, and it looks as though this is year.

The City of Ottawa is going to start distributing green bins to 22,000 households this fall and winter. They will start Green Bin pick ups next January (2010) — bi-weekly pickups in winter with weekly pickups the rest of the year. According to the City, there is a “state-of-the-art indoor composting facility” where the waste will be turned into compost. More information on the City’s Green Bin program is at

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Sustainable Living and other resources

If you haven’t yet discovered, you may want to heck them out. They have all kinds of links and resources in areas of environment, sustainability, conservation, and other similar areas.

One such resource is the Sustainable Living Guide, which “is all about sustainable living  – activities and choices that can help sustain your health, your spirit, and the planet. The focus is on positive, constructive things you can do in your home, at work, at school, and at play. From bicycling to organic gardening… from non-toxic home and garden products, to strawbale homes… from co-ops to ecovillages… there’s an amazing variety to explore and experience. You will find how to’s, tips & ideas, products & services, organizations, education, employment and more.”

Just check out this sample of links from the first section of the guide, How To Be Green:

The guide also includes: Home & Garden, Food & Gardening, Construction &  Renovation, Health, Products & Services, Books,  Magazines, Travel & Recreation, Transportation, Energy, Technology, Community, Ecovillages, Events & Courses, Education, Groups & Organizations, Jobs & Volunteering, Business & Industry, Faith & Spirituality, Simplicity, Activism, and Directories, Portals &  Networks.

(Post and links updated November 2013)