Developing a Social Media Policy

If you have staff or volunteers that are on Facebook, blogs, etc. that are representing/promoting your organization, you might want to consider drafting a policy. You can’t stop people from saying what they like in a personal way, but if you have employees and volunteers representing you, it’s not a bad idea to have a policy in place just so you are on the same page. Just yesterday, the Charity How To blog posted a template that anyone can use, and the policy would be about one page.


Volunteer Standards pamphlet

Hi there. Just today (at least through their Facebook page), Volunteer Canada released it’s latest one-page pamphlet on the 14 Organizational Standards for Volunteer Involvement. These standards include volunteer recruitment, screening, recognition, and more. It is not something you have to sign up for or report on. But Volunteer Canada is a national organization dedicated to all aspects of volunteerism. So it might be good to at least look at what they have published. Here’s the PDF link to the pamphlet, both English and French. (Link updated November 2013)

Volunteer Canada releases “The Screening Handbook”

This is a super comprehensive guide published by Volunteer Canada in March of 2012 (and I believe this is a major update of the already-existing handbook, last published in 1996). Titled The Screening Handbook (PDF) (found on their Volunteer Screening page), it is full of “tools and resources to better match people and organizations, improve the safety and quality of programs in communities, and reduce risks and liability.” They prepared it for Public Safety Canada, the Community Safety and Partnerships Branch. It includes information on social policy and regulatory framework, privacy, police checks, and even deals with volunteers as employees. There are tools for recruitment, interviewing, training, and supervision. You’ll also find a lot of checklists, and even a PowerPoint presentation on the guide itself, in case you want to present it to your staff or board. (Links updated November 2013)

Ummmm, what was my password again?

Wow, it has been so long since I have blogged, I forgot what my password was. That makes me sad. But honestly, I find with all of the Facebook sharing, Google Plusing, and Twittering, I find less and less energy available for my wee little blog here. I barely have time for LinkedIn, either. And Pinterest? What is that? Total Internet overload. Add the email inboxes into the mix, sprinkling in some great TED videos that have come out lately, sometimes it is just easier to turn off all the screens and hang out on the couch with a good book. Although the Fireplace Channel is acceptable. (It exists. It really does.)


Web and Social Media Checklist for Nonprofits

If you haven’t already, you should check out and subscribe to Nonprofit Tech 2.0 (now Nonprofit Tech for Good). Heather Mansfield offers diverse postings on social media, whether it be communications, policy development, fundraising … resources for both big and small organizations in a wide range of industries.

Earlier this month she posted a summary checklist from her recent how-to book, Social Media for Social Good: A How-To Guide for Nonprofits. This checklist is a great check-in for any organization, whether you are just starting out or participate in every form of social media going (even if it is just an affirmation that you covered all your bases).

Here’s the checklist.