Resources for those who work with volunteers (young and old)

Once again, these are thanks to CharityVillage.

VAULT: Administered by Volunteer Alberta, registration on this site provides free access to information for volunteer managers. Users can participate in the discussion forum, share documents with other members, and post and search professional development events and opportunities across the province. (November 2013: I’m not sure if this program is still active, put clicking on the link will take you to a resources page.)

UNV Online Volunteering Newsletter: a free monthly newsletter published by the United Nation’s online volunteering department. Newsletters discuss current research relating to online volunteerism, case studies of existing programs, and other news updates.

CharityVillage article “Do u wnt 2 ngage Gen Y?”: According to new research by the HR Council, it is vitally important that nonprofits in Canada learn how to successfully recruit and engage Gen Y employees (Note: In Canada, Gen Y tends to refer to those individuals born between 1976 and 1999). If they don’t, they may be facing an incredible shortage of talent in the not-too-distant future. This month, we talk to a few sector leaders to find out their thoughts about attracting Gen Ys to the nonprofit sector, and how to keep them there. (Link updated November 2013)


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