WordPress and Twitter — missing retweets

Another design kind of post here. After finding a new look, I’ve now noticed that the great little Twitter widget does not show any of my retweets. Apparently, now when you retweet, Twitter doesn’t count those as your own tweets. Normally, that wouldn’t bother me. But one of the reasons I like having the Twitter widget on my blog is because I tend to retweet resources without creating a blog post.

So, if you are interested in my retweeted resources, you’ll just have to follow me, now won’t you? I am @melissahk. (corrected from earlier post)

UPDATE September 2010: Hey, retweets are showing up now! I hope that is a permanent change. Actually, what it doesn’t show is when you retweet using the icon on on your actual twitter page. If I use Tweetdeck and just write “RT @user …” that will show up.


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