More non-profit resources

Have you visited my Nonprofit, Radio, and Life Resources page lately? I’ve added a few new resources.

One of my favourite non-profit resources is COCo in Montreal — the Centre of Community Organizations. I am so happy to see they redesigned their website! It has always had great information, articles, and toolkits, but I must admit it was a bit awkward to use. Their new site is definitely worth checking out! The Centre for Community Organizations (Centre des organismes communautaires): “Our mission is to promote social justice, active citizenship, democracy, and just socio-economic development by supporting the development of healthy organizations and strong communities. On this site you can find tools, information, and opportunities for communication and collaboration.”

And for all you people employed in the nonprofit sector, Nonprofit Professionals Advisory Group hosts a website containing a variety of articles directed to both nonprofit employers and nonprofit job seekers. Topics include resume development, job hunting, preparing for interviews, and negotiating salaries. There is also a job seeker newsletter with full archives available on the site. (Thanks CharityVillage for the resource!)


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