Cultivating Good Governance and the People that Make It All Happen

Over the past few years, I’ve developed a keen interest in good governance, leadership, and the many people in an organization that make these possible. Mostly because I have found myself in leadership positions but not always knowing how to be a good leader, a good boss, or how to create structures that enable good governance. And working in the non-profit sector with other non-profits these kinds of issues come up. So here’s a few resources I’ve picked up over the last few months to help those of you struggling with these kinds of questions.

  • CharityVillage (one of my top faves!) added the following to their library: Building Community Vitality, a toolkit put together by the Community Foundations of Canada to help foundations be more effective community leaders. The toolkit provides information on how to improve strategic planning, review and assess the impact of grantmaking programs, review community leadership projects, organize meetings about community issues, work with partners on various initiatives, and explain your work to donors.
  • Orienting new directors or staff? Check out Welcome Aboard (from my hometown province!), a site with a number of bilingual resources to help individuals better understand the roles and responsibilities of board members, executive directors, and volunteers. Resources include pamphlets, a handbook for board members, and a downloadable video. (Thanks again to, yep, you guessed it, CharityVillage.)
  • They also added the NL HR Manager, a downloadable toolkit with a large variety of articles, tools, and resources on such topics as finding the right workers, managing diversity within the workplace, engaging young workers, compensation and benefits, and more.

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