Nonprofit Resources

Here is a short list of my own personal “best of”s from CharityVillage newsletters from the last few months.

Community Toolbox (National Park Service)
Published by the US-based National Parks Service, this tool box contains a variety of resources on topics for most nonprofits such as decision-making, event planning, written communications, outreach, facilitation, and more.

Mission Minded
This site contains a variety of downloadable fact sheets covering marketing and communications topics such as building your brand, creating communications plans, creating taglines, marketing for fundraisers, and more.

Legal checklist for 2010: Audio interview with Adam Aptowitzer and Nicole Zummach
January 4, 2010 (Link to a podcast in iTunes)
“Are you prepared to meet all your legal requirements in 2010? Find out the top three things you should be aware of for 2010, as well as other factors such as insurance, employment agreements, privacy policies. Additionally, this podcast covers a list of resources for organizations that find themselves missing something on the checklist.”

New Nonprofit Resource – Nonprofit Live TV
Welcome to Nonprofit Live TV, a site dedicated to showcasing insights and foresights of some of the top minds from both the nonprofit sector and technology on how the Internet has changed the nature of nonprofit fundraising, marketing and advocacy.

Collaborative Change: Rethinking how organizations can work together
If this quote speaks to you, you should check out this article on strategic restructuring of nonprofits. “Meanwhile, what started out as an internally focused exercise grew into something bigger. “We fundamentally believe that the voluntary sector needs to evolve and change,” MacDonald explains. Still reverberating from an economic shock to its system, the sector is searching for strategic implements to pull it out of the crisis-fuelled debris and help reestablish a sustainable terra firma upon which to move forward. It’s not easy. But like their for-profit neighbours, some in the voluntary sector are considering more innovative approaches, particularly collaborative ones.” You may also want to check out the Nonprofit Collaboration Database, a searchable database of successful nonprofit collaborations.

(Post and links updated November 2013)


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