Social Media Goodies

So many folks are talking about social media these days.

And whether you are participating or not, there is a plethora of resources, articles, books, and tweets about this fairly new form of interaction with your audience. Where do you begin? I’ve compiled a little baker’s dozen of links, articles, and tools I’ve come across over the last several months. This is list is geared towards nonprofit community radio folks.

1. Social Media: What are you afraid of?
By Elisa Birnbaum
November 23, 2009

“As the interview begins, James Topham apologizes and takes a moment to read and respond to an urgent tweet. Another typical day for the communications and marketing director of War Child Canada, where tweeting and Facebook updates are as commonplace as checking one’s email. With social media the buzzword of late, some nonprofits are taking the plunge, hoping these newfangled modes of outreach will help them reach their goals. But how useful is social media, really? And how can one ensure it’s being used effectively instead of needlessly tying up already limited resources?”

2. CharityVillage also added a link for “Social Media Governance” to their resource library.
“This site provides tools and resources for leaders and managers who want to get the most from their social media and social application investments. The site includes a large list of links to sample social media policy documents created by various organizations.”

3. SmartBrief on Social Media
Another CharityVillage find, SmartBrief on Social Media is a daily newsletter delivering news and insights on the business of social media. Here you’ll find information about new and established social networks, user-generated content, blogging, wikis, media sharing, and more.

4. There is a new book out there in cyberspace now called “Social By Social: A practical guide to using new technologies to deliver social impact.” You can buy the book online or you can download the full PDF for free.

5. RedPen 21 has fantastic free resources for media planning for non profits. Easy to use, wonderful graphic map tools.

6. And from a fellow LinkedIn connection, “I strongly suggest Beth’s blog (now at She is the single best resource not for profits have for social media. Do not be fooled by the blog’s low key look. She is a heavy hitter.

7. IoFNorth West Annual Conference 2009
How St Ann’s Hospice used social media to boost their event registrants
Here’s an example of a nonprofit using Social Media. In November 2009, St. Anne’s Hospice gave a presentation at the Institute of Fundraising North West Annual Conference. They talked about how they used social media to boost registrants for their events (blogging/micro blogging, RSS, widgets, chatting, message boards, podcasting, sharing photos and videos, etc.). These tips can be applied to also just creating more interaction and conversations with your audience. (BTW, you may be interested in the beta application Guestlist. It’s free while it’s in beta mode. It handles online event registrations/ticket sales.

8. Still on the nonprofit vein, check out “50 Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits” from Chad Norman.

9. I also subscribe to a web marketing blog, “Jeffbulla’s blog,” and the author posted the article “How The Top 500 Fastest Growing Companies Are Using Social Media.”

10. Whether you are new to social networking or not, you may find this article interesting: “9 Tips for Enriching Your Presentations With Social Media.” It’s from Mashable: The Social Media Guide.

11. And speaking of mobile, Nonprofit Tech 2.0 posted “Three iPhone Apps that Every Nonprofit Needs to Know About.” More resources in the comments, too!

12. Can’t get enough? Then check out “100 Social Media & Content Marketing Predictions for 2010!”

(Post and links updated November 2013)


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