July 31st Edition of GroundWire Now Available

GroundWire is a twice-monthly dose of grassroots, independent journalism from the campus-community radio sector of Canada. It is a project of the National Campus and Community Radio Association. This is edition of GroundWire was supported by a grant from the Community Radio Fund of Canada.

*Presenting the July 31-August 13, 2009 Headlines*

  • Winnipeg worried over Privatized Water | Michael Elves UMFM
  • Defining Sexual Assault in Winnipeg | Michael Elves UMFM

*Presenting the Features:*

  • Mohammad Mahjoub’s Hunger Strike at Kingston Penitentiary | Usman Mushtaak CFRC
  • Olympic Update: Charter Battles for Women’s Ski Jumpers | Sam Krevia CJSR
  • Simon Fraser University Funding Mircomanaged by Government | Nina Halliday-Thompson CJSF

The July 31-August 13, 2009 edition of GroundWire was produced by UMFM in Winnipeg.

(Links updated November 2013)


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