COCo shares community sector resources and insight

I’m a pretty big fan of Montreal-based Centre for Community Organizations (COCo for short, based on their French name). And while they are Quebec-focused, most of what they publish on their website and/or through thier newsletter is relevant to most nonprofits in Canada and beyond. In this week’s newsletter, they have written up some of their results from a recent poll of Quebec leaders in the nonprofit sector.

But before I share that with you, I’m also copying two great links/initiatives here (copied from the monthly COCo newsletter).

“Check out the Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet), a rapidly growing movement of people committed to a more holistic and grassroots approach to development that integrates social, economic, and environmental concerns. In the words of one member, “I work in CED because the economy does not stand still and neither should the rules that govern it. Growth must be fostered from the bottom-up”. Check out the following link to find out what this member-driven organization is up to … and how you can join!” is growing and there are tons of new resources and blogs. Check it out at It’s an interactive community-based website that is accessible to the entire community sector. The site incorporates diverse content related to fundraising sustainability: from models of successful events, to points of contacts and resources for the development of private foundations and corporate solicitations and how-to guides in launching individual donor campaigns. The content is updated by the Mapmakers and community members (like you!). The website allows you to ask questions and discuss fundraising through blogs, access tons of resources and share your own resources with the rest of the community. Become a part of the community today. is a COCo initiative.”

And now for their thoughts on the community sector.


“Now it’s time to explore another highlight of the COCo AGM and to share what happened when 30 Quebec community leaders put their heads together and reflected about the gaps and the opportunities in our community work.

The reflection began with an outpouring of answers to the following question: What have you seen happening in the last 5 – 7 years that has been novel or significant in the Quebec Community Sector?

“For those of you who weren’t able to join us for the AGM I want you to STOP READING RIGHT NOW and think about that question. What has been changing in the community around us?

“INCREASED RELIANCE ON TECHNOLOGY, increased immigration, PUSH FOR SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, framing poverty in terms of basic rights, MORE HYBRID FORMS OF ORGANIZATIONS were some of the answers shared…. What other changes do you notice?

“After reflecting together on these changes in the environment around us, we then asked people to break into small groups and respond to one of the following questions:

“What issues and challenges are we not yet addressing in the Quebec Community Sector?

“What are the most promising untapped assets or resources in the Quebec Community Sector?

“Again please STOP READING RIGHT NOW and consider these questions – it is critical that we all take the time to look at the gaps and the opportunities in our community work – this is how we grow and evolve. Here are some of the reflections from our AGM participants – it is our desire at COCo that these ideas well help to fuel and inspire creative new programs and projects in all of our work.

“THE GAPS IN OUR WORK: (1) Environmental Justice, (2) Basing our work on a cross-cutting holistic mission rather than institutionalization, (3) Connecting grassroots links with national advocacy capacity, (4) Established services or resources for newcomer or ethno-cultural communities, (5) Capacity of grassroots groups to utilize new technology to renew our organizing tactics.

“THE UNTAPPED OPPORTUNITIES: (1) Growing desire for community and engagement, (2) Recession opening possibilities for new lifestyles and work models, (3) Untapped power of elder and intergenerational resources, (4) Technology as a powerful social-change tool, (5) Cross-pollination and collaboration between the French and English sector.

“So there you have it some food for thought brought to you by this year’s AGM participants and the COCo Team.”

(Links updated November 2013)


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