CRTC opens online consultation for Net Neutrality

Another chance to get your voice heard on Net Neutrality!

The CRTC is “gather[ing] views on Internet traffic management practices” through an online consultation (run by Nanos Research). It is part of Telecom Public Notice CRTC 2008-19, launched in November 2008. The deadline for you to participate is at the end of this month, April 30, 2009. The public hearing for this entire proceeding will begin July 6, 2009.

Online consultation: (November 2013: site no longer active)

CRTC news release: CRTC opens online consultation on Internet traffic management practices

Current Internet services have made it possible for Canadians to use new applications and services, such as video streaming and peer-to-peer networking. Certain Internet service providers (ISPs) maintain that this growth in traffic can cause congestion, especially during peak times. This has led some ISPs to manage the flow of traffic on their networks or adopt new business models.

The CRTC is examining the current practices of ISPs operating in Canada, as well as those that could be adopted in the future. The proceeding’s main objective is to determine whether and to what extent such practices are appropriate under the Telecommunications Act.

Through the online consultation, the public is invited to discuss various topics and questions related to Internet traffic management practices. The topics for discussion are:

  • the impact of these practices on the user experience and on innovation
  • the different approaches to Internet traffic management
  • the role of the CRTC in relation to Internet traffic management practices, and
  • the disclosure of Internet traffic management practices by ISPs.

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