Family Forest

For those of you following my blog, I know a lot has been going on that I would normally post about. But I have been off the grid for a little while because my stepfather passed away on March 7. Naturally, I headed off to New Brunswick to be with family for the week.

It was actually strange how many wonderful moments there were in sharing our loss. I was amazed at how many people made it to St. Stephen to be with family. With just Paul’s brothers and sisters and their children, as well as his own children and grandchildren, there are about 50 of us altogether, and only 4 nieces and nephews did not make it back. A couple of my blood relatives came as well, from my mom and her mom’s side of the family. We are much smaller, only about 10 to 15 of us.

My mom commented several times about how having so much family coming home made it so much easier in that first week. Of course, the hard part comes now, but she has all the great memories that she had with him as well as so many shared by other people as well as their support.

I also had not realized this, but my grandfather (my mom’s father) passed away 20 years ago almost to the day, on March 9, 1989.

Then, on March 8, I received an email from a cousin on my birth dad’s side. Strange how life works sometimes. I never knew my dad very well, as he and my mom separated when I was 6. I did see him when I was 13 or 14, but then we lost contact by the time as 21 or 22. I’m not sure where he is now, or even if he is still alive, and neither does my cousin. But maybe with this new contact with my cousin, something will start to grow for me in this family particular family tree.

My family of friends have been really supportive as well. Whether they were on the other side of the globe or in my own backyard, they were all there, strong and true.

It’s really amazing how I feel like I have a family forest, rather than just a tree.


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