January GroundWire available

GroundWire is a monthly news program of Canada’s National Campus and Community Radio Association (NCRA).

This month’s GroundWire — January 4, 2009 (available at the NCRA’s Program Exchange):

  • York U. T.A. Strike (Omme Rahemtullah, CHRY, Toronto)
  • Vancouver Homeless Death (Bea Bernhausen, CJSF, Burnaby BC)
  • World’s Largest Video Game Developer Downsizes (Adam Dewji, CJSF)
  • Airline Debuts Biofuel, Starbucks vs. Unions (Irma Arkus, CJSF)
  • Station Report: CJSF and COOP Join W2 (Gavin Schaefer, Bea Bernhausen, and the Fearless Collective)
  • Features:
    • Shoeing Bush (Aaron Lakoff, Montreal)
    • Conservative Plan Guts CBC (Alisha Edgelow, CJSF, producer; interview by David Peterson, CIUT, Toronto)
    • Tanzania Goldmine Revolt (David Koch)
    • Free Software vs. Cisco (John Zhang and Charlotte Bourne, CJSF)
    • High School Gays’ Rally in the Valley (Kate Lerman, CJSF)

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