Social networking and radio (from Radio 2.0 for development)

From the fine folks at Radio 2.0 for development (Local & community broadcasting and new ICTs), a repost of a story about radio foraging into the social networking space. And in case you are into community-oriented media, you might want to check out this blog on a regular basis. With posts like “Community media in a digital age”, it’s a great place to help those brains of yours thinking about what community media might look like in the coming years.

Social networking and radio

The BBC’s radio programme Digital Planet did a story recently about Radio Cultura, a not-for-profit station owned by a Catholic foundation in Brazil that uses a radio programme and a website to create multimedia social networks. Listeners to the programme, RadarCultura, can propose songs and discussion topics on the programme’s website and the ones that receive the most votes get played or discussed on the radio.

RadarCultura website

BBC Digital Planet story How the web makes radio reactive

(Links updated November 2013)


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