Ottawa Will Recylce Organic Food Waste — in 2009

I missed this when it came out last month, but apparently Ottawa will launch its “Green Bin” program next fall (yep, not until 2009). I wish it was sooner, but hopefully better late than never will prove a good adage in this case. When the City does launch the program, it will be sending residents an information kit, an organic kitchen catcher, and a green bin (like the blue bin for cans/bottles and black for paper). You can read the press release from the City here. (November 2013: press release no longer available)

On the note of recycling, the City distributed an information brochure to Ottawa residents on what can and can’t be recycled in the current blue and black bins. I was a little surprised to see that plastic packaging and plastic bags were on the “don’t recycle” list. I recycle pretty much everything, to the point of bringing home the plastic I use at work because they don’t handle cans/bottles here, only paper. Does it do any good to throw all of the plastic in there anyway? I guess I’ll just have to be that much more conscious when I buy things, to make sure I don’t buy things with plastic packaging unless absolutely necessary (not an easy thing to do!).


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