Another Take on Waste-to-energy Facility

On July 4, 2008, I wrote about Ottawa’s plan to have a gasification unit here in the city, which converts waste to energy. Vancouver’s The Tyee offers up an article that asks the question of how good this really is (“Dump the New Garbage Plans? Finding the Greenest Way to Deal with Trash” by Colleen Kimmett). For one thing, what will the plant’s emissions be? The article suggests that “[s]ome experts say we’d be far better off if we increased recycling and composting.” And would this kind of plant lessen the incentive for everyone to reduce waste? This article talks about some of the differing perspectives on this issue, and even suggests some alternatives that seem quite good and interesting. There’s also a little waste-to-energy 101 about how that technology works. Definitely a good read.


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