Some thoughts on beliefs

My friend Leah had asked me about my beliefs a little while back, and I’m curious if anyone else has any thoughts on how I responded to her. Does any of this ring true with you?

Hey Melissa, I’d be interested in hearing more about your ‘beliefs’ as written in your notes. I myself spent a few years reading about Wicca and interviewing wiccans for some university courses in anthropology, sociology and religious studies.I suspect that my beliefs may be very similar to yours… so I’d like to hear more (if you don’t mind, that is):)

I’m not really sure where to start. I’m not really Wiccan, but there seems to be a connection there.

Basically, I believe in energy. All life is energy, whether it be inanimate or living and breathing. Solid, liquid, gas, whatever. It goes back to atomic theory a bit I guess. Because even this computer I am typing on being solid is really not solid. It is comprised of very small things moving very fast. And I believe that that energy can be “manipulated”. If I knew how to communicate with the energy driving the atoms, then I could theoretically “pass my hand” through my computer.

That’s not so much a stretch. But here is where I lose some people. And maybe it is because I really haven’t made the connection in my head yet. But I believe that the energy is, in some respects, sentient. Not in the way people are sentient, but still, there is a consciousness there. Perhaps some people might think of it as “Mother Nature”, and maybe to some degree I do as well. But I’m still unsure that that is what I would call it.

I often picture the planet in my head against a black universe backdrop. The mass of the Earth being solid, I picture a sort of aura surrounding the planet. Almost like the magnetic energy of the motor that is the Earth. Living and non-living life existing creates the energy, and in turn, life needs that energy to exist. so a symbiotic relationship, I guess.

I came up with this image thanks to an A&E special about a guy in the 1920’s who could predict people’s future. He would do this twice per day as it was quite exhausting. He would lay down and meditate, and then reach out through the cosmos kind of thing. But the way A&E showed it, they made it look like an out-of-body experience. So when the guy laid down, they floated a ghostly image above his body. And the way he described his experience, I started thinking about this out-of-body image communicating with everyone else’s out-of-body image. And if you translate this into either people’s souls or simply their thoughts, you can almost imagine a sort of spiritual network, connecting everyone. So, I started thinking of this image of a network covering the planet almost like a power grid, but because there are so many entities connecting, it would look more like an aura.

So when you combine this notion with the fact that everything has and creates energy, the energy comes from and goes to this energy aura field. And then everything is connected. And when all things die, and their physical body ceases to produce the same energy as before, their energy goes into the field. If you think of it as our souls returning to this field, which I’m still not sure about, I don’t think the souls stay intact. But of course, I believe this energy gets re-used in other ways.

This way of thinking has led me to the point where I celebrate the processes of the earth. The solstices and equinoxes became natural points for me because they are acknowledging/celebrating/fearing/honoring the sun and its natural process, and of course, the sun provides massive amounts of energy to the planet.

I have also found that I have become strangely connected to rocks and trees. My house is full of rocks. I collect them, gather them from places I go to, etc. I give them as gifts to people. For me, each rock is its own entity, and I would even go so far as to say a “spirit” or at least “essence”. Again, the sentient nature of this essence is not the same that you and I know of. But I do believe it is there. and when it comes time to pick a rock from my collection as a gift, it is never just any rock. It is the rock that is meant for that person. Sometimes it is about the actual look of the rock, like the patterns or colours. But sometimes I see something in the rock, almost like faces. Faces of people (sometimes they look like the person I am giving the rock to), faces of animals, etc. And it is not always a clear visual impression. Sometimes it is about a gut feeling I have. But the rocks do have an energy for me, and ultimately, I am passing along that energy to others.

As to trees, well, they are a metaphor for so many things for me. But ultimately, they are a symbol of life. From their roots in the ground, in their history, to the many branches of where life take them, that happen to also look a lot like veins. They are a strong image for me.

That’s it in a large-sized nutshell.


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  1. Here were some interesting comments from Facebook:

    “I totally agree.”

    “If you ignore the first 8 minutes of this, you may find the first 1/3 of this flick interesting.


    Two books I then picked up were:
    – “The Gaia Project 2012: The Earth’s Coming Changes” by Hwee-Yong Jang (translated by Mira Tyson), Llewellyn Publications (February 2007)
    – “The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity and the Renewal of Civilization” by Thomas Homer-Dixon, Knopf Canada (October 2006)

    While quite different, there are, I think, going to be similar themes in each. Each book deals with the idea that massive change is coming, and coming soon. I have not started to read the Gaia Project yet, but am now into the second chapter of The Upside of Down. Very interesting in his approach. His goal is to get people to start talking about ways of dealing with inevitable breakdown of our complex systems (political, economical, social, etc.). But one thing I love is his belief that the 21st century will be the Age of Nature, because we will learn that we are not separate from nature, and if there’s trouble in nature, there’s trouble in society.

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